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What is Melanin?

Melanin is a natural pigment that gives color to skin, hair and eyes.

Skin cells called melanocytes produce melanin.

Who has Melanin?

Everyone has the same number of melanocytes, but some people make more melanin than others! This all depends on your genetics.

More Melanin = Dark skin, eyes & hair
Less Melanin = Light skin, eyes & hair

3 types of Melanin

Melanin & Sun exposure

With exposure to UV light, melanocyte production ramps up, and the skin darkens as melanin levels rise. It may help protect the body from harmful UV rays, but broad-spectrum sunscreen should always be worn to prevent damage.

Melanin & Melasma

Melasma is caused by an increase in melanin production.

This increase is thought to be triggered by changes in hormone levels, especially those caused by pregnancy and oral contraceptives, as well as by the sun.

Signature Laser facials

No melanocyte cells are harmed during the treatments, making our laser facials safe and effective for all skin types & tones!


Due to the unique wavelength of our Nd:YAG laser, it bypasses the top layer of the skin and effectively targets discoloration that resides deep within the skin. This unique characteristic does not affect the natural pigment on the skin surface that determines your skin tone.

Fractional Laser facial

Our Fractional laser is uniquely designed to be non-ablative and
selectively targets melanin and unwanted pigmentation, irregular texture, fine lines & wrinkles on the skin surface.

Safe for all!

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